Wednesday, February 15, 2006

who's got the PROPS??...

...I do!...
I was diggin' thru some older work tonight, and came across a TON of
designs from a series of shorts we did for 'Nicktoons' a little while back...
Lot's of character designs and props from the various episodes.
I had the opportunity to Art Direct AND design virtually every prop and
character! A LOT of work, but such a blast! (even though I didn't get to
animate). ;)
We had so much fun doing these shorts! And it seems as if even more
exciting possibilities are on the horizon for us at 'Animation Collective.'
Right now we have our hands full with the upcoming show 'Kappa Mikey,'
and who knows what the future holds?!... good stuff happenin' at the AC.. :)
Thanks for lookin!


At 7:02 PM, Blogger chris swift said...

Do you commute in from Philly everyday?...that's a killer trek.

At 9:20 PM, Blogger SNKFan said...

Hey Dagan, You are AWESOME!!!! I first saw your art on my favorite Animation Collective short, 'Tortellini Western",and I just want to say can you send more designs and video clips off of my favorite short? I would apprieciate it! That reminds me... Have you considered being a character designer for video games,like Final Fantasy,and Front Mission,and Star Ocean? Those games are from SQUARE-ENIX. Thanks! I'm just glad I like your work!


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