Monday, April 03, 2006


Let the 2006 Baseball Season begin!
...and with the start of the season,
here's Dagan's predictions AND 'wishful-thinkings'
for this baseball year.

--Yankees win 105
--Boston finishes below .500
--"Mo" saves 45
--Schilling gets less than 5 W's
--J Ro continues his hitting-streak well into May :)
--Kaz Matsui returns in late April and has a great year! (brave prediction, i know!)
-- A-Rod goes yard 50 times, 130 RBI's and even steals 25!! (Come ON Joe, run the guy!)
(and, oh yeah, commits only 4 errors ALL YEAR at 3rd)
--Toronto BlueJays fail to live up to new expectations and implode by July
--Twins fall out of contention pretty early (tough division!) and Yanks begin to eyeball Tori Hunter for Center (over to Right you go, Johnny!) ...oh, Sheff, fulltime DH for you, sir!
--Francisco Rodriguez saves 45!!! (that guy is DYNAMITE!)
--Ryan Howard belts 55-60 homers this year!
--Dontrelle AND Cabrera do NOT finish the year in Miami (poor Girardi!)
--Pujols is Pujols (that guy is unreal...TOO good)
--Mussina FINALLY gets his 'no-hitter'
--Javier Vazquez gets 18-20 wins in Chicago (WHY couldn't you do it in the Bronx, Javier!?)
--all-out chaos between RedSox and Tampa as tempers boil-over... what ever HAPPENED to
incite THAT very strange rivalry, anyway?
--Junior has an amazing, mostly injury-free year... finally! that guy DESERVES it!

...anywho, Go Yanks! :)