Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Elf-a-Day !!!

OK, so here's elf #threeeee....
(actually, SIX of em')

nice, messy CHARCOAL!

Can ya tell I've been looking at
'Cartoon Modern' A LOT ?!


-thanks for stoppin' in!

Here's elf #2 !!! I'll try to do each one in a different
style, maybe?... ;)

Happy Holidays!

In order to celebrate in style, I'll be posting a NEW elf

every day until Christmas.


Then we can have a whole army of Santa's little helpers... or, errrr,

SIX of em,' anyway! ;)

Enjoy your Holidays, everybody!

See ya tomorra...


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yoda rocks

Trying to come up with a 'Yoda' design for my next
lil' guache piece... Such a brilliant character, i could draw him for
hours... :) Lots of fun!...

think i gotta add some hair coming
out of those ears!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

painting WITHOUT a wacom! :)

hey gang!

Been trying to do a little more non-digital work
these days... So i thought i would attempt a little
series of 'Star Wars' characters, just for fun.

Actually, I was gonna enter my little 'Star Wars Trilogy' of paintings into work's "Holiday Art Show," but i couldn't sit down long enough at night to get them all done! :(

But, here's a friendly neighborhood Storm Trooper, guache on wood.

also, coming soon;
-'Sand Peoples'


Goofy little painting, but tis' a start, anyway...
Thanks for lookin!'

Monday, December 04, 2006

'One Bit Wonder'

(*update; painted texture added...
thanks for the kind words, all!) :)

Working on this piece for the 'Holiday Art Show' at
work... haha- It's not a holiday-themed piece, unless
you count the Christmas of 1980 when me and my sisters
got our first Atari ?! .... :)
This is a detail of the piece, and still unpainted as you can see...
But i wanted to share it with you guys now, as this is gonna be a busy week!

I'll post the finished version up here very soon, too.

Hope everybody is well... see ya soon. (Thanks for swinging by!)