Monday, February 25, 2008

You're not going ANYWHERE...

....... til' you eat ALL your veggies!

-D ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

....... that's not right.

What's wrong w/ this picture?... haaaa

Just a little sketchy-action and a quick hello to all my blog pals!

Life has been busy between the day jobbie AND an evening/weekend animation job that just wrapped-up...

(ps, thanks Dan!)

I am gonna make a very serious effort to start posting up here
once -or- twice a week now... it helps keeps me drawing and animating
OUTSIDE of work, and that's super-important! Also, gonna start-up
'Inspiration Wednesdays' again (especially for you, Big-Al!), and a new
fun little-thing I'd like to do on Fridays or Mondays, we shall see! ;)

I have a ton-o-sketchies that i'll add here soon, too... I hope everybody is well,
and keepin' busy with work!
thanks for stoppin' by, -D