Thursday, June 28, 2007

Skunk-Fu !!!

Law of averages says;
Check back frequently and Dagan will FINALLY put some new drawings on his blog... EVENTUALLY! :) -haha
Been super busy on my new gig, animating on Cartoon Saloon's
Skunk-Fu with the FatKat guys... I gotta tell ya, it's SO nice to be working on a show again where the QUALITY actually MATTERS!

It's a great looking show and it's been a blast to work on... Don't have a whole lot of time to draw on my own time these days, but it's OK when your day job is ACTUALLY satisfying! :)
Here's a few goofy doodles of 'Skunk'... And please stop over at Cartoon Saloon's site and/or blog to check out how Skunk and his friends REALLY look. :)

( I'll add 'Saloon' to my links soon!--------------> )

[ AND, I added a random page of not-so-random cuteness!] ;)
Also, big ol' thanks to Gene and my pals at FatKat! It's so nice to finally get the opportunity to work with you guys!
Also, our baby-girl is 3 months old already!... Lilya is an absolute joy, and I can't stand being away from her for more than like, 5 minutes! -haha :)
Well, now you know what's new with me... That's more than I've said on this blog than ALL of my other posts combined!
More 'Skunk' drawings to come... just gotta scan em. ;)
Hope all is well with you all!
yer pal-Dagan

Saturday, June 02, 2007

glum :( ...and some 'Madeline'

Ludwig Bemelmans was
the MAN!... He created 'Madeline'
and was one of the great old
'New Yorker' cartoonists from
the 40's and 50's!
Here's a great link explaining
a little about his life and art;

I always found his work to be full of elegance, and even a little bit dark and haunting...
Really beautiful stuff!
Here's a tribute to his best known creation, the little French girl 'Madeline!'
Be well, blog friends!
(Oh, and below is an unrelated drawing of a depressed girl with a.... skull balloon?!)